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Segur offers a consistent and superior cleaning experience to keep your building clean, disinfected, and with a fresh smell.

A clean and healthy environment contributes to a high-morale and more productive workplace. Everyone likes to see a clean carpet, a fresh-smelling restroom, a lobby with well-dusted furniture and a shining floor. It helps to keep customers coming back, get positive reviews on social medial, and to increase the level of satisfaction of anyone who is in a clean, fresh-smelling environment. This is the promise from Segur Cleaning: a consistent and superior cleaning experience that helps to attract customers and keep employees with a sense of pride.

Segur Cleaning follows standards and cleaning methods that make the cleaning process stay consistent over time. Our team of motivated employees follows these processes and they add the extra touch that makes a difference.

Our teams are well-trained and certified for specific areas, like the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens for services in the healthcare industry. Our company has a Green Clean policy and we follow the guidelines defined by the Green Building council.

Industries Serve


– Healthcare and Medical Facilities

– Corporate, offices, commercial buildings – banks, engineering, accounting, real estate, law

– Property managed buildings

– Retail stores, restaurants, car dealerships,

– Education facilities – schools, campuses, childcare, test prep

– Churches

– Government – city, state, Federal

– Manufacturing, industrial, warehouses