Critical Cleaning & Data Centers

For Data Center & Critical cleaning, Segur follows the certification process from the Association of Data Center Cleaning Professionals (ADCCP) and the guidelines from ISSA (Cleaning Industry Association).

Cleaning Process for Data Center & Mission Critical Projects

1. Exterior Hardware Cleaning / Exterior Equipment Surface Cleaning
– Objective: to clean the server racks and cabinets, and all equipment surfaces
– Process: Exterior equipment surface cleaning includes cleaning the exterior surface of cabinets, equipment, and workstations by vacuuming where applicable with critical filtered vacuums, and then wiped clean an approved anti-static cleaner approved for use in data center environments. No input devices should be cleaned unless the device is completely powered down.

2. Raised Floor / Top of Floor Cleaning
– Objective: to remove dust and debris on the exposed floor area
– Process: Raised floor surface cleaning includes cleaning the surface of the raised floor panels. This service includes vacuuming and dry mopping the floor surface. One option is to damp mop the floor with cleaning chemicals approved for use in data center environments.

3. Subfloor Surface Cleaning / Below Floor / Underfloor / Plenums
– Objective: to remove all dust and particles that accumulate over time, or that result from construction and renovations under the exposed floor area
– Process: Subfloor surface cleaning includes vacuuming the concrete subfloor plenum using specialized critical filter vacuums in compliance with recognized standards for cleaning data centers. This service removes contamination from your subfloor plenum to eliminate the build-up of particulate that can be carried into your room’s air flow and cause downtime inside your datacom equipment.

4. Ceiling Cleaning
-Objective: to clean the structures in the ceiling of a data center.
– Process: Ceiling cleaning includes overhead cleaning by either vacuuming above the drop ceiling tiles by using critical filter vacuums in compliance with recognized standards for cleaning data centers, and / or vacuuming and wiping clean overhead raceways with an approved anti-static cleaner approved for use in data center environments.

5. Adjacent corridors, hallways and rooms – Keep it Clean
– Objective: to clean adjacent areas of the data center to keep the area clean
– Process: when a new data center or data room is being built, there are other activities in adjacent areas that could bring dust or debris to the data room. The areas must be kept clean to avoid the accumulation of dust in the new area. This is valid for new construction and renovation projects. There should be a cleaning crew with floor scrubbers and other equipment to keep everything cleaned while the data center is being built or renovated.

Recommended Equipment & Chemicals

It is necessary to ensure when cleaning the data center environment that the proper equipment and chemicals will be utilized to ensure that contamination is captured and removed, and not reintroduced back into the environment. Control over contaminant levels in a computer room is an extremely important consideration when evaluating an environment. The impact of contamination on sensitive electronic hardware is well recognized;


– All vacuums should either employ a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter at a 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns; or a ULPA (Ultra Low Particulate Air) filter at 99.999% efficiency at 0.12 microns.

Tools and Supplies

– All attachments and tools utilized in the data center should be non-conductive, and supplies like wiping cloths and mops should be made of a low lint material designed to be used in clean room environments.

Cleaning Chemicals

– All cleaning chemicals used to clean floor surfaces should be non-ammoniated and rated safe for use in data center environments on HPL floor tiles. Chemicals used on equipment surfaces should be an antistatic cleaner designed to be used in a data center environment.