School Construction Cleaning

Segur developed a specific expertise to implement the final cleaning in school projects.  We have 14 specialized, well-trained and dedicated crews only for education buildings.  Every year, during the summer and winter breaks, Segur partners with GCs in the school segment to provide high quality cleaning, to finish the jobs before the schools need to be turned over to the districts.


In addition to final cleaning, Segur also provides VCT Stripping & Waxing, Window Cleaning, Power Washing for parking areas and sidewalks, and Carpet Steaming for stained carpets.


Segur also has a dedicated crew for Flooding & Water Leak Mitigation, in case there is a water hazard situation in the school due to pow temperatures. 


At Segur Cleaning, we specialize in construction cleaning services that bring peace of mind for your project. Our experienced teams have the necessary skills to meet the cleaning requirements of professional general contractors.


We are committed to bring a reliable crew to a construction project, showing up on time, in full, to get the job done. 


Our team works closely with the PMs and Superintendents to make sure we follow the construction schedule and adapt to the changes in a project.